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New Kutaisi Bypass – Samtredia

New Kutaisi Bypass – Samtredia



Construction of New Kutaisi Bypass – Samtredia (km0+000 – km25+600) for Zestafoni-Kutaisi-Samtredia section of the East – West Highway.



Engineer Contract:                                Joint Venture:

PADECO Co., Ltd. / Oriental Consultants Co., Ltd / Transproject Ltd. / Roads Rehabilitation and Modernization Supervision Direction Ltd.; and Association Partner Asian Engineering Consultants Corp., Ltd.                            

Contractor:                                            Joint Venture:

Todini Costruzioni Generali S.p.A. (Leader)              60%

Takenaka Civil Enginering & Construction Co. Ltd. 40%                                                   

Financing:                                               JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency)

 Start date:                                              18 July 2012

Completion date:                                  under progress

Type of works:                                       Construction works                                                

Total road length Contract 2.1:             25,6 km

 Road Technical Category:                    4 lane road and 2 lane for bypass (double carriageway)


Description of the Works:

The scope is construction of a two-lane, two-direction new bypass road section, including construction of 3 interchanges and a total of 8 bridges/overpasses. The contract also envisages construction of four-lane road sections at interchanges and a total of 53+1 (Variation) box culverts/underpasses.  Relocation of high and medium pressure gas pipes, overhead power lines and fiber-optic cables is also included in the scope of works. Road pavement type is concrete (with asphalt at interchange ramps and bridges) – total 295,623m2.  River revetment works – 5,845 m.

The Works include mainly the following items.

Cut and fill of the earth

The road shall be constructed by embankment, which will be achieved by cut and fill of the existing ground.


A total of three (3) bridges shall be constructed. These include:

Gubistskali bridge – 337.9 m;

Cherekha bridge – 40.7 m;

Ochopa bridge – 106.4 m.

Overpass over the railway – 121.8 m

The total length is estimated as follows: 606.8 m.



The RC concrete culverts shall be constructed at the crossings of existing roads, small canals or small streams. The typical dimensions of the culverts for the roads are:

Total for box culverts – 1475.0 m, including:    1×1.5 m – 74 m;

1.5×2 m – 229 m;

4.5×2.5 m – 975 m;

6.0×4.5 m – 197 m.


Connection to the highway to the existing road three (3) interchanges and one (1) junction shall be constructed. Their locations are:

  1. a) Interchange KM 3+985;
  2. b) Overpass KM 12+470;
  3. c) Interchange KM 14+572(located north of Bashi);
  4. d) Overpass KM 19+765;
  5. e) Interchange KM 21+290;
  6. f) Junction KM 25+608 (located at the end of the Project Road).


The type of the pavement shall be concrete pavement for the road sections and asphalt pavement for the bridge sections and ramps of interchanges.

River revetment

The revetment shall be constructed to protect the land and bridge piers from erosion and scouring by river flow.