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New Kutaisi Bypass – Zestafoni

New Kutaisi Bypass – Zestafoni



E-60 highway section Zestafoni-Kutaisi bypass under East-West Highway Improvement Project



Engineer Contract:                                Joint Venture:

PADECO Co., Ltd. / Oriental Consultants Co., Ltd / Transproject Ltd. / Roads Rehabilitation and Modernization Supervision Direction Ltd.; and Association Partner Asian Engineering Consultants Corp., Ltd.                            

Contractor:                                            Joint Venture:

Todini Costruzioni Generali S.p.A. (Leader)              60%

Takenaka Civil Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd. 40%                                                

Financing:                                               JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency)

Start date:                                              24 July 2013

Completion date:                                  under progress (25 July 2015)

Type of works:                                       Construction works                                                  

Total road length Contract:                  23,22 km (including interchanges and local roads)

Road Technical Category:                    4 lane road and 2 lane for bypass (double carriageway)

Description of the Works:

The Works in the Contract Package 3 is part of the East West Highway starting from Zastafoni, bypassing Kutaisi city and following alongside of Rioni River, bypassing Samtredia city and ending at Samtredia-Lanchkhuti-Grigoleti road, the Work is to newly construct four-lane highway at Zestafoni – New Kutaisi Bypass of which the total length is 15.172 km.

The Works include mainly the following items.

Cut and fill of the earth

The road shall be constructed by embankment, which will be achieved by cut and fill of the existing ground.


There are total of nine (9) bridges which are planned to be constructed. There include:

Cholaburi river – 107m, x2(two-lane in each direction);

Chkhara river – 107m x2;

Dzevrula river – 172m x2;

Gully at pk 91+19.88 – 107m x2;

Gully at pk 97+44.71 – 107m x2;

Gully at pk105+04.55 – 107m x2;

Charchkheli gully – 107m x2;

Rokiani gully – 107m x2;

Kazhi gully – 107m x2;

The total length is estimated apploximately 2,056 m (two-lane in each direction).


The RC concrete culvert shall be constructed at the crossings of existing road, small canals or small streams. The typical dimension of the culvert for the road with car traffic is 6.0m x 4.5m, 4.0m x 2.5m for multipurpose and 1.5m x 2.0m for the small canals or streams.


Around three (3) interchanges are planned to be constructed as shown in the Figure 1 in order to connect the highway to the existing road. Their locations are near the village of Terjola, Siktarva, and Simoneti[Pavement

The type of the pavement shall be concrete pavement for the road sections and asphalt

pavement for the bridge sections and ramps of interchanges.


The type of the pavement shall be concrete pavement for the road sections and asphalt pavement for the bridge sections and ramps of interchanges.